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Cyrus Mewawalla is a recognised leader in the world of technology investing. Over the years, Cyrus has built a reputation within the business press for technology research that is ahead of its time.  Here is a selection of Cyrus' recent media appearances:


CNBC  |  12 April 2018

Cyrus talks to CNBC's Brian Sullivan on the Facebook CEO's testimony at today's US Congressional hearing and what it might mean for forthmcoming internet regulation. See video.


CNBC  |  29 March 2018

Cyrus talks to CNBC's Geoff Cutmore and Steve Sedjwick on how regulation is likely to become one of the biggest themes impacting Amazon, Google and Facebook. See video.


CNBC  |  27 February 2018

Cyrus talks to CNBC's Dan Murphy in Singapore on how Apple's decision to move iCloud's encryption keys for Chinese users to China is part of an emerging theme for 2018 called the "Splinternet".  See video.


CNBC  |  22 February 2018

Cyrus talks to Wilfred Frost on CNBC about the rise and rise of Amazon. See video.


BNN  |  7 February 2018

Cyrus talks to Jon Erlichman, anchor on BNN, about his negative outlook for Disney. See video.


CNBC  |  2 February 2018

Cyrus talks to Wilfred Frost on CNBC about the threats to Apple and Alphabet. See video.


BBC  |  2 February 2018

Cyrus talks to BBC World News anchors David Eades and Alice Baxter about Apple becoming the first trillion dollar company. See video


CNBC  |  28 December 2017

Cyrus talks to Wilfred Frost on CNBC about his outlook for the technology sector in 2018. See video.


CNBC  |  14 December 2017

On the day that the FCC, America's telecom regulator, votes on Net Neutrality rules, Cyrus talks to Wilfred Frost on CNBC about how the vote could shift the balance of power in the internet. See video


Forbes  |  12 December 2017

Forbes references Cyrus's views on Net Neutrality two days before a critical vote by the FCC, America's telecom regulator on the impact of changes the FCC is considering to regulation of the internet. Read article.


BNN  |  24 November 2017

Andrew McCreath highlights Cyrus' longstanding prediction that US net neutralitry rules would collapse on the "Weekly with Andrew McCreath" show on BNN. See video. In part two of the show, Cyrus talks to Andrew about the media sector and the threat from internet TV. See video.


CNBC  |  20 November 2017

Cyrus talks to Carolin Roth and Joumanna Bercetche on CNBC about merger mania within the US media sector and what the future holds for media giants like Disney, Fox and Time Warner. See video.  |  9 November 2017

TipRanks, a Wall Street analyst database, compares top analyst calls on AI stocks and features Cyrus' call on Micron. See article.


BNN  |  17 October 2017

BNN asks Cyrus to explain the investment case for Netflix as its shares hit an all time high. See video.


BBC  |  21 September 2017

Aaron Heslehurst asks Cyrus on BBC World News why Google bought HTC's Pixel team for $1.1bn. See video


CNBC  |  19 September 2017

Cyrus talks to Wilfred Frost, anchor on CNBC's Worldwide Exchange, in New York on the tech sector. See video for an excerpt of this interview relating to Apple.


BBC  |  2 August 2017

Aaron Heslehurst interviews Cyrus on BBC World News after Apple's recent results announcement, asking why Apple's numbers were so strong. See video


BNN  |  2 August 2017

Amber Kanwar and Jon Erlichman, anchors at BNN, ask Cyrus how to interpret Apple's earnings announcement today and the risks it faces going forward. See video.


CNBC  |  1 August 2017

Cyrus talks to Geoff Cutmore and Karen Tso on CNBC about what technologies he expects to see in the upcoming iPhone8 and what investors should look for in Apple's earnings announcement later today. See video.


CNBC  |  29 June 2017

Cyrus talks to Karen Tso on CNBC on why the iPhone’s 10th anniversary is significant and what threats lie ahead for Apple. See video.


BNN  |  13 June 2017

Amber Kanwar and Jon Erlichman, anchors for Canada's BNN, ask Cyrus what to invest in after the FAANG sector's recent market correction. See video.


CNBC  |  1 June 2017

Cyrus explains to Carolin Roth on CNBC why CM Research still has a Buy rating on all five FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) stocks. See video. Or see Carolin's related Op-Ed article.


BBC  |  28 April 2017

Aaron Heslehurst and Rachel Horne interview Cyrus on BBC World News on the earnings reported by tech heavyweights Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft. See video


BNN  |  3 February 2017

Jon Erlichman, anchor on Canada's BNN, talks with Cyrus on Amazon's future and the political risk it faces from a Trump presidency. See video.


CNBC  |  31 January 2017

Wilfred Frost and Sara Eisen, anchors on CNBC, ask Cyrus what to watch for ahead of Apple's earnings today. See video.


CNBC  |  24 January 2017

Geoff Cutmore, Steve Sedgwick and Karen Tso on CNBC ask Cyrus how Alibaba can grow as an ecommerce company. See video.


Forbes  |  12 January 2017

Forbes interviews Cyrus on the impact of a Trump presidency on net neutrality laws in the US. Read more.


BNN  |  6 January 2017

Amber Kanwar, anchor on Canada's BNN, asks Cyrus for his top tech picks for 2017. See video.


BBC  |  6 January 2017

Aaron Heslehurst and Rachel Horne interview Cyrus on BBC World News on how he expects Samsung shares to perform in 2017. See video.


Bloomberg  |  14 November 2016

Cyrus speaks to Bloomberg Technology about why Samsung is buying Harman for $8 billion. Read more.


BNN  |  10 November 2016

Amber Kanwar, anchor on Canada's BNN, interviews Cyrus on what a Trump presidency means for the tech sector. See video.


CNBC  |  28 October 2016

Wilfred Frost interviews Cyrus on Apple's and Amazon's results. See video.


CNBC  |  26 October 2016

Louisa Bojesen and Carolin Roth ask Cyrus why Apple's results were disappointing and where the shares go from here. See video.


CNBC  |  28 September 2016

Wilfred Frost and Morgan Brennan ask Cyrus about who might want to buy Twitter and why at CNBC's studios in New York. See video.


BNN  |  30 August 2016

Amber Kanwar, anchor on Canada's BNN, interviews Cyrus on the implications of the EU ruling to charge Apple $14.5bn in back taxes. See video.


BBC  |  19 August 2016

Aaron Heslehurst interviews Cyrus on BBC World News on the wider implications of Microsoft's $26bn takeover of LinkedIn. See video.


Forbes  |  15 August 2016

Forbes interviews Cyrus on the impact of the EU's crackdown on social media apps and what it all means for the big US tech companies. Read more.


CNBC  |  27 July 2016

Cyrus talks to CNBC anchors Geoff Cutmore and Karen Tso on where Twitter is heading after a disappointing set of results. See video


Washington Post  |  12 June 2016

Cyrus comments on the factors behind the unprecedented volume of short positions in Alibaba shares. Read more.


CNBC  |  16 May 2016

Cyrus talks to CNBC anchors Geoff Cutmore, Steve Sedgwick and Karen Tso on Apple's move into the Chinese taxi market. See video. Later Cyrus talks about the disruption Apple may unleash in the TV market. See video.  


Bloomberg |  29 April 2016

Cyrus talks to Bloomberg about Sir Martin Sorrell's legacy and WPP's plans to find his successor. Read more.  


Forbes  |  26 April 2016

Forbes speaks to Cyrus on why Facebook Messenger is more of a threat to Google than to Apple. Read more.


CNBC  |  21 March 2016

Cyrus talks to CNBC anchors Nancy Hulgrave and Karen Tso on Apple's strategy. See video.


CNBC  |  21 March 2016

Cyrus talks to CNBC anchors Nancy Hulgrave and Karen Tso on Twitter's strategy. See video.


Bloomberg |  27 January 2016

Cyrus talks to BloombergBusiness about Alibaba's dependency on the Chinese market. Read more.


CNBC  |  20 January 2016

Cyrus talks to CNBC anchors Wilfred Frost and Sara Eisen about the outlook for Netflix in 2016, just after a strong set of 2015 earnings. See video.


Bloomberg |  21 December 2015

Cyrus talks to Bloomberg about why Alibaba’s share price has underperformed since its 2014 listing. Read more.


Bloomberg  |  15 November 2015

Cyrus talks to Bloomberg about what Samsung needs to do to make C-Lab, its new innovation centre, a success. Read more.


The Telegraph  |  10 November 2015

On Singles Day - a day which celebrates China's online shopping bonanza - Cyrus comments on the significance of Alibaba moving its command centre from Hangzhou, where it was founded, to Beijing. Read more


CNBC  |  10 September 2015

Cyrus talks to CNBC anchors Wilfred Frost and Carolin Roth about Apple's "Special Event" on 9 September 2015 and what is means for investors. See video.


CNBC  |  25 August 2015

Cyrus talks to CNBC anchors Geoff Cutmore and Steve Sedgwick about the tech sector's recent collapse, recommending the best path for investors to follow. See video.


Forbes  |  29 July 2015

Forbes looks at apps such as Jana aimed at getting the world's poorest people on line and cites Cyrus' views on their evolving business models. Read more


CNBC  |  22 July 2015

Cyrus talks to CNBC's Seema Mody and Carolin Roth about Apple, Google, Yahoo and other technology stocks following a 7% fall in Apple's share price yesterday. See video.


Bloomberg  |  14 July 2015

An article in Bloomberg Business looks at Just Eat's sky high valuation, quoting Cyrus' predictions on how e-commerce business models will evolve and how competitive advantage amongst the players will change. Read more.


CNBC  |  23 June 2015

Cyrus talks to CNBC's Wilfred Frost and Seema Mody about CM Research's stock calls on Twitter and Facebook. See video.


CNBC  |  12 June 2015

Cyrus talks to CNBC's Louisa Bojesen about the change in leadership at Twitter and what the social media company needs to do to become more successful. See video.


CNBC  |  24 April 2015

Cyrus speaks to CNBC on the technology sector's earnings for the first quarter of 2015, discussing Amazon's cloud, the threat from internet TV for the media sector and Apple Watch ahead of Apple's earnings announcement. See video.


CNBC  |  2 April 2015

Cyrus speaks to CNBC on the threat that Apple's new music streaming service might pose to Spotify. See video.


Forbes  |  10 March 2015

Forbes cites Cyrus' analysis of the impact of Apple Watch on the company's future earnings. Read more.


CNBC  |  9 March 2015

Cyrus previews Apple Watch on CNBC. See video.


CNBC  |  27 February 2015

Cyrus speaks to CNBC about what net neutrality means for investors and consumers as the FCC votes to regulate America's internet for the first time. See video.


CNBC  |  30 January 2015

Cyrus speaks to CNBC on Google's longer term prospects after its earnings were released this morning. In the short term, he argues that there is a growing disconnect between Google's core business, which is maturing, and its product pipeline, which is stalling. In the longer term, Cyrus predicts Google will be on the right side of a number of important investment themes. See video.


Bloomberg  |  25 January 2015

What should Samsung spend its $63bn of cash on? Bloomberg Businessweek quotes Cyrus's views. Read more.


Forbes  |  12  January 2015

Cyrus speaks to Forbes magazine on why Amazon and Netflix share are down despite both companies winning Golden Globe awards for original TV programming. Read more.


South China Morning Post  |  9 January 2015

Cyrus speaks to the South China Morning Post on Xiaomi's intention to catch up with Apple and Samsung in host of technology cycles ranging from smartphones to the internet of things. Read more


CNBC  |  8 January 2015

Cyrus speaks to CNBC's Wilfred Frost and Seema Mody on technology themes including net neutrality and cyber security. See video.


CNBC  |  8 January 2015

Cyrus speaks to CNBC on Samsung's weakness and on the themes coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this week. See video.


South China Morning Post  |  8 December 2014

Cyrus speaks to the South China Morning Post on why overseas names like Microsoft, Qualcomm and General Electric are stepping up their investment programmes in China despite a string of regulatory probes into their activities. Read more.


CNBC  |  27 November 2014

Cyrus speaks to CNBC's Wilfred Frost and Carolin Roth about why the EU's anti-competition authorities are so enraged with Google. See video.


CNBC  |  20 November 2014

Cyrus speaks to CNBC's Seema Mody on the significance of Apple's move to integrate Beats' music streaming service into iOS and ultimately into its iTunes platform. See video.


Bloomberg  |  18 November 2014

Cyrus speaks to Bloomberg about China's rise as an internet power and what it means for the global order. Read more


BBC  |  28 October 2014

Cyrus speaks to the BBC's Technology Desk Editor on what Google's ever rising R&D expenditure means for its shareholders. Read more.


CNBC  |  16 October 2014

Cyrus speaks to CNBC's Wilfred Frost and Seema Mody about eBay, Netflix and Apple. See video.


Asian Investor  |  8 October 2014

Asian Investor invites Cyrus to sit on an expert panel to discuss the impact of technology on Asian stock markets. Later Cyrus presents CM Research's unique "thematic TMT investment methodology" at the Asian Investor 2014 Independent Research Summit in Hong Kong. Read more


Bloomberg  |  10 September 2014

Cyrus talks to Bloomberg about what Alibaba might do with the $20bn-plus of cash it is likely to raise in its forthcoming IPO. Read more.


CNBC  |  9 September 2014

Cyrus spoke to CNBC's Wilfred Frost and Carolin Roth about Apple's launch event, Google's EU antitrust probe and Alibaba's IPO. See video


Washington Post  |  27 August 2014

Telefonica and Telecom Italia are in a fight to gain control of GVT, Vivendi's Brazilian broadband service provider. Cyrus comments on why this deal is so important. Read more.


efinancialcareers  |  11 June 2014

Will regulators create a bloodbath in the investment research industry? Cyrus gives his take on the future of the investment research industry in light of the FCA's new rules governing investment research. Read more.


Crain's New York Business  |  19 May 2014

The collapse of net neutrality rules was something Cyrus predicted back in 2011. Now that it is finally happening, Crain's interviews Cyrus on what it means for internet companies, telecom operators and cable companies. Read more.


Halkin Services  |  10 April 2014

Cyrus is invited by the exclusive Halkin Services Group to give an after-dinner talk entitled "Big Data as an investment theme". Halkin Services is a private investor network whose members are invited to speaker events and round table discussions on topical issues at which they have access to eminent investment analysts and authors. Read more


Level 39  |  27 March 2014

Cyrus is appointed a Mentor to some of London's leading technology start-ups at Level 39, Europe's largest business accelerator for technology start-ups. Read more


Bloomberg  |  24 March 2014

Renren, China's equivalent of Facebook, sees its shares crash collapse 77% since the peak just after its 2011 IPO. Bloomberg interviews Cyrus to help investors understand why. Read more.


Sky News  |  9 February 2014

Siobhan Robbins of Sky News interviews Cyrus as part of her report on the "Probe into stolen Barclays files". Cyrus comments on the nature and scale of the cyber security risks that Barclays and other banks face today. See video.


Telecom Asia  |  19 December 2013

Cyrus' 2014 predictions for the future outlook for telecom operators are featured in the "Outlook 2014" paper published by Telecom Asia. Cyrus' message is, "Telcos must go soft(ware) to survive." Read more.


Focus Money  |  2 October 2013

German magazine Focus Money quotes Cyrus's 2014 Global TMT Trends Report. Read more.


The Economist  |  24 September 2013

The Schumpeter column quotes Cyrus in reference to the winder implications on the semiconductor industry of the $29bn merger of Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron. Read more.


The Economist  |  7 September 2013

A leader article on 3D Printing refers to a recent CM Research report by Cyrus on the subject. Read more.


Financial Times  |  5 September 2013

The FT's Chief Business Commentator, John Gapper, looks at how Europe lost its lead in mobile technology to the USA, quoting Cyrus' views. Read more.


Submarine Telecoms Forum  |  24 April 2013

Cyrus is invited to sit as an expert panellist on the Finance Round Table of the 2013 Global Submarine Telecoms Forum in Paris. The question of how telecom companies can make money from the internet is raised. Read more.


USA Today |  5 September 2012

Cyrus is interviewed on the reasons behind Facebook's bounce. Read more.


Financial Times  |  19 June 2012

The FT's Paul Taylor says it's Crunch Time for Big Data, referencing one of Cyrus' recent research reports on the subject. Read more.


South China Morning Post  |  5 April 2012

Cyrus comments on the Russian telecom market. Read more


The Economist  |  6 May 2011

The Babbage column on Science and Technology in Los Angeles refers to Cyrus' views on net neutrality. Read more.


INSEAD Business School  |  21 February 2011

Craig Smith, Professor of Ethics and Social Responsibility at INSEAD interviews Cyrus on the ethics of the global investment banking sector. See video.


The Economist  |  28 August 2008

An article on solar power quotes Cyrus' views on silicon prices. Read more.


The Economist  |  26 June 2008

An article on new technologies driving the boom in unconventional gas references Cyrus' work in the area after he correctly predicts an M&A boom in the sector. Read more.


The Observer  |  27 May 2007

Richard Wachman, City Editor of The Observer, quotes Cyrus' views on Vodafone as a takeover target. Read more.


The Wall Street Journal  |  13 February 2007

A WSJ article on Vodafone's strategy quotes Cyrus' views on the company's outlook. Read more


Economic Times of India  |  6 February 2007

An article on cross border M&A in the technology sector references Cyrus' views on the Vodafone/Essar transaction. Read more.


Economist Intelligence Unit  |  15 December 2006

An industry briefing quotes Cyrus on the benefits to Vodafone shareholders of the Hutchison Essar transaction in India. Read more


The Economist  |  12 October 2006

A special report on Telecoms Convergence references Cyrus's views that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology will put pressure on mobile voice prices. Read more


The Telegraph  |  11 September 2006

In an article about fixed/mobile convergence, Dominic White, Communications Editor, references Cyrus' research on Vodafone. Read more.


The Economist  |  1 June 2006

Cyrus' research on Vodafone is referenced in an article about the failing strategy of the telecoms giant. Read more.


The Telegraph  |  25 April 2006

"The Trillion Dollar Switch", Cyrus' seminal research report which advocated that investors in the trillion dollar telecom sector should switch out of expensive mobile operators into better-value fixed line operators, is quoted. Read more.


Financial Times  |  22 April 2006

Cyrus predicts the European telecom sector will trade sideways for the next five years, with few catalysts expected to send share prices up. Read more.


The Economist  |  9 March 2006

Cyrus comments on 3G technology in Japan and the sale of Vodafone's Japanese business. Read more.


The Telegraph  |  15 February 2006

An article on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) quotes Cyrus' views on how Skype will change the voice industry. Read more.


The Economist  |  26 January 2006

Cyrus comments on Vodafone's strategy. Read more.


The Wall Street Journal  |  13 January 2006

The WSJ quotes Cyrus's views on how internet-based technology standards will impact the world. Read more.


The Economist  |  8 December 2005

Cyrus' research is referenced in an article on the future of telecoms. Read more.


Investors Chronicle  |  5 November 2005

Cyrus is quoted on 3G mobile technology and how it is driving M&A. Read more.


Newsweek  |  25 September 2005

Cyrus's views on the future of Ma Bells are quoted. Read more.


The Economist  |  15 September 2005

Cyrus comments on the advance of IP technology. Read more.


The Economist  |  1 September 2005

In the Technology Quarterly edition, Cyrus comments on the future of the digital home. Read more.


The Economist  |  28 July 2005

Cyrus' work is referenced in an article about internet TV. Read more.


Newsweek  |  1 May 2005

Cyrus' research on internet portals is referenced. Read more.


The Economist  |  2 December 2004

In an article on how Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) could destroy telecom operators, Cyrus' research is referenced. Read more.


The Observer  |  24 February 2002

Cyrus is quoted in reference to M&A in the telecom sector. Read more.


The Guardian  |  3 February 2002

Cyrus comments on internet backbone networks. Read more.


MarketWatch  |  16 November 2001

Cyrus is quoted on BellSouth's decision to sell it2 22% stake in German mobile operator E-Plus to Dutch telco KPN. Read more.


Investors Chronicle  |  16 November 2001

Cyrus is quoted on IP technology and its impact. Read more.


BBC  |  14 November 2001

The BBC quotes Cyrus on how the internet may wreak havoc for Cable & Wireless. Read more.

ZDNet  |  23 August 2001

Cyrus is quoted by ZDNet on the effect on European telecom operators of overpaying for their 3G mobile licences. Read more.


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